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"Th-this is n-nothing, I'll change the story." ― Wildcard


Wildcard lived most of her life as a child of the Consortium and was one of the first living specimens that survived their experiments. The group has tried multiple times to create an artificial hybrid and none have survived but a few unknown and Wildcard is one. Wildcard's real name is Anabelle Hawkins and both of parents are currently scientists, working for the consortium. Anabelle's childhood was filled with tons of needles, blood samples and more to see what exactly it takes to make the perfect hybrid and she was supposed to be that, unfortunately, her abilities were defective and so they cast her aside, locking her in a room with a monotone colored wall as if she were an animal. This caused the child to go insane and learn to harness her power to change the story in which she did. Anabelle vaporized the entirety of her home town, along with the people in it although the consortium survived and found a way to continue their experiments. She then left and was to never be called Anabelle again, she decided at that point to toss away her old life and start anew as a new person with a clear goal. She became Wildcard.

Eventually Wildcard met Amelia via confrontation. The two had a brief battle in which Amelia came out victorious in where Wildcard had an emotional breakdown, explaining the ways of the cruel world to Amelia before they part ways. Sometime, during an unknown period, Wildcard was supposedly killed by The Daughter of Hades.


Wildcard has a rather insane personality, sometimes doing things out of pure joy. She'd happily agree to destroy an entire world's worth of lives to get her goals achieved. Wildcard also has a split personality, one being described as happy or jolly and the other, serious. She named these two personalities Anabelle and Wildcard. She enjoys mostly Seafood and thus, claims it as her favorite. Anabelle enjoys sitting under the moonlight enjoying a nice warm batch of shrimp while she skips rocks across a large body of water. Wildcard's favorite colors, if they weren't obvious, are black, white and red. Her favorite colors are one of the main reason she deiced to go by Wildcard from then on.

Hybrid Abilities:

Wildcard has the ability to control the story itself and does so effortlessly, this can be shown when she creates a storm over Urbs Tempus and attempts to strike Amelia with multiple lightning bolts. Another example of the use of this ability is when she changed the story to where Ms. Clementine lost her powers and began to forcibly walk over to Wildcard, without even wanting to. Her powers are limited to a degree seeing as she states she can't change the story of the entire world.