Volume 1

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「 Ghost Witch 」

Volume 1 of Papercut was released on February 19th, 2019 along with it’s First chapter “Behind Closed Doors. The first volume of Papercut seems to primarily focus on Amelia as a character, getting her to understand this New world that she’s been introduced to while interacting with these new characters and events. Not originally part out Volume 1 is the “chapter” before chapter 1 titled “Author Notes| Readme”, in which Faultl3ss describes the current state of the novel and how they don’t feel as if it’s doing so good. They state that their writing has improved and a lot of the story’s lore that originated in volume 1 would possibly be retconned sometime later in volume 2 to focus on a more story driven plot whereas before it was a “magical fantasy without consequences“. This Volume is succeeded by Volume 2, which was titled 「 Boundaries 」.


Chapter Count

As of October 26th, 2019, Volume 1 of Papercut has a total of 14 chapters, including the Author’s notes. These chapters are as listed in Chronological Order.

  1. Author Notes| README
  2. Behind Closed Doors
  3. The Secret’s Out
  4. Olivia and Amelia
  5. The Consortium
  6. The Consortium Part 2
  7. The Refrigerator and Her Light Bulb
  8. Where Light Shines
  9. Truth
  10. Fortitudo
  11. Butterfly Effect
  12. It Came From The Underworld
  13. Interlude
  14. Lucid Dreams
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