Underworld Render.jpeg

From my point of view, I could see a large portion of the underworld and it was stunning, in an evil way. Amelia Clementine

The Underworld

The underworld or, as some people refer to it as, Hell is a place in the world of Papercut where it has been Described as a demon inferno by Amelia. The underworld has been ruled by Hades even since he was cast down to said place by the Gods. This locations is also known as the place of the Daughter of Hades’ birth. It seems that The Consortium, as well as Hades, uses this place as a location to rendevouz with one another for profitable purposes and trades. So far, the only known way to access The Underworld is by opening a rift to it by Misusing Divine Energy, teleported by Hades or His daughter or be cast down by the gods. The underworld also seems to have some sort of community seeing as it does have structures such as buildings and life (demons etc.).

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