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Amelia's life was pretty normal before she began working as a Maid for the Chateau's. This all changes when she decided to water the family plant and swore she heard a voice, which turns out to be the Ghost Witch. This small altercation plunges Amelia into a world of Chaos and Fantasy that she'd never believed was possible, but she's finding her way through.

Welcome to the Papercut wiki where you'll find all things Papercut, this wiki is updated frequently every five or so chapters so we try our best to maintain it, without further ado, enjoy. Papercut is a Web novel created by a Writer named " Faultl3ss " and is currently a short and ongoing series. This novel tells the story of a young lady named Amelia as she learns to live in a world with people known as hybrids, people with unique, extraordinary powers and abilities



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Miscellaneous Characters

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Three Great Deities

  • Omnidea
  • Omnideus
  • Omnidium


  • Death
  • Apollo


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