Olivia Charlotte

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I can see the hall of fate as it stretches towards the path of a hundred doors. However, even those doors lead to rooms with more doors with each being a different possibility. Olivia


Daughter of Hades, Olivia Charlotte is a Divine Hybrid, possessing the genes of a hybrid and Hades Himself. She was born in the deepest level of the underworld and was taught to be ruthless, cunning and deceitful. She originally falsely befriended Amelia Clementine, Noah and Aaron in order to manipulate them into getting closer to her goal of destroying everything. Unfortunately, she ended up betraying them, after altering Noah and Aaron's memories, and joining her father's side.


Olivia is rotten to the core. She set out a goal to end all life and is motivated to achieve it at all costs, even if it meant she had to die first. She has no care for the feelings of others aside from her father, whose affection is the only thing that matters to her. With those things in mind, it's implied that she has some sort of affection towards Amelia, but she tends to hide it exceptionally well.

Hybrid Abilities

In Olivia's Character Guide it is stated that she has almost all of her father's abilities, to which she has shown some sort of use by demonstrating Hades' Time Snap. Its known that Olivia yields five different kinds of flames, she states that each flame grants her a different power and as of currently we only know of two. Olivia's orange flames exceed temperatures of the sun and can burn past three million degrees when she releases it from every cell in her body along with her flames with a green hue that burn away at her enemy's soul by even the slightest scratch.

Divine Energy

Given to her by the God Apollo, Olivia consumed one of Life's Fruit which granted her divine protection for her mind body and soul. Along with the latter statement, Olivia had also mastered her Divine Energy which allowed her to manifest tangible weapons from that same energy. These unique traits, however, have been stripped of her as of the beginning of Volume 2, seeing as she forcibly removed Life's fruit from her body, ultimately taking away her Divine Protection.


After her absorption of Wildcard, it can be assumed that Olivia has a rather exceptional amount of Energia thanks to her ability to absorb the souls or essence of others. This is however a theory and it's never stated directly that she has an abnormal amount of Energia.

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