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"Olivia's the strongest, Aaron is the smartest and Amelia is the most strong-willed, but as for me[...] I'm the Fastest." ― Noah[[source]]


As he tells Amelia, Noah had a relatively normal childhood until The Consortium came into the life of him and his parents. The Consortium began to look for a person who was to soon hold "great power" and so they planned on taking someone from the house. The true person with "true power" is Noah, but unfortunately, his parents gave their lives so that he wouldn't have to take a chance at dying to the Consortium's experiments. As if that weren't enough he states he was born with an abnormally different stamina variable so that he wouldn't be able to manifest hybrid abilities anyways, which made him question why they would want him anyways. Eventually after dying in a battle against Hussein Oliver, Noah had his soul claimed by Hades. Becuase of this, he spent an undetermined amount of time "Undead". Ultimately, he was saved by Amelia, whom had made a deal with Hades in exchange for Noah and Carter's souls.


Noah has a rather docile personality and is always happy and full of life. It seems he has a romantic interest in Amelia and she feels the same way, even going so far as to almost kiss before Aaron interrupted them. He often looks down on his abilities and thinks of them as "nerdy " for the fact that Olivia teases him about it and he doesn't feel his power is as good as the rest of his team.

Hybrid Abilities


Miscellaneous Abilities

One of Noah's primary abilities that have been shown is the ability to manipulate photons and because of this ability, he is able to control and become pure photons at will along with being able to reform his body afterward. As stated in the Book of Gods, Chapter X, section Apollo's Arrow: "This arrow should continue to overwrite impossibility and improbability until its destination has been reached. Distorting and negating the targets sensories before impaling the body." This arrow will distort Noah's targets' sensories causing them to have a false sense of where the arrow is meanwhile it would be piercing their body. This arrow also should never miss seeing as it "Overwrites" improbability and impossibility. Apollo's Curse, Once applied to Apollo's Arrow, this curse doesn't allow for the target to heal unless they become a follower of Apollo himself as seen when Noah used this technique against Hussein for the final blow. Withstanding the destruction of his own attack, Noah reformed from the particles of light in the atmosphere meaning he has self-healing like a few others in the cast.