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"Once it's removed you'll be but an empty shell, left to rot in hell and I'll be rolling in gold for centuries." ― Hades


Ruler of the underworld known as hell, Hades is feared by many and is infamous for the amount of power he wields literally and politically. He was cast down to the underworld by the gods and after getting an improvement in his strength, they respect him and try not to interfere with his activities. Somewhere in his life he had a child with a human meaning at some point he has lived in Amelia’s world before or at least long enough to conceive offspring.


Hades has a personality heavily influenced by his sarcasm and seriousness. He’s seriously sarcastic if that makes sense. He takes all of his situations at his own pace as if people are on his time. He seems classy with a sense of manners although he has a dark nature, seeing as he thrills at the idea of thousands of people dying just for his enjoyment or to ”get his blood boiling”. Hades also doesn’t have a problem with allowing others to die for his own financial gain seeing as when he decided to sell Amelia to The Consortium for a supposedly large quantity of gold.

Time Stop

So far, this has been the only ability used and shown by Hades to the audience and is one he quite favors. He seems to activate it quite subtly to the point Amelia didn’t realize it had begun until she was already frozen. He’s also implied to have all or at least similar abilities to his daughter.