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"This is where you must use your part Omnidea, the small portion you have to stop her, but you must control it or she will surely defeat you." ― Carter to Amelia


When Carter was very young, it’s almost implied as an infant, he was able to obtain his hybrid abilities. When this occurrence happened, his mother, Death, his the phenomenon from her daughter and lover. This went on for some time until she, for unknown reasons, had their memories altered so that they wouldn’t remember. Carter eventually ended up dying at the age of fourteen due to an unknown illness that just so happened to strike others of his family as well. When he died, his soul was claimed by Hades because of Carter’s all-knowing hybrid abilities in which he wanted to use to plot against the Council of Fortitudo. Prior to dying, Carter anticipated his death and genetically modified his body to hold two different hybrid abilities, creating an entirely new one he calls 「 Water Sealing 」. He eventually was revived by Amelia and reunited with his long lost sister where they planned a way to stop their current threat to the world, Olivia. 


Carter seemingly has a bright personality with very bold emotions and is very outgoing for the most part. He seems rather mature for his age, but it’s probably a side effect of being knowledgeable in just about everything. He seems to have no intentions of hiding secrets from his family, unlike others in his family.

Hybrid Abilities

According to Carter’s character guide, his hybrid abilities state the following:

Carter's true hybrid ability is his knowledge. His hybrid ability allows him to be all-knowing of events that have happened in the past, present, and future simultaneously. This essentially makes his brain a history book! Little does he know that the gods refer to him as the smartest mortal alive. While knowingly genetically modifying his body, Carter embedded the ability to hold not one, but two hybrid abilities in which his other ability finally matured upon his death bed. He calls this ability 「 Water Sealing 」, an entirely new hybrid ability discovered by Carter. 「 Water Sealing 」 not only allows him to control all forms of water whether it be clouds or ice, but he has the ability to create massive bubbles of water, each with its own little world inside.