Aaron Light

Are you two next or are you just going to stand and look pretty? Aaron


The only known information about Aaron was that he spent some time with Noah and Olivia, before meeting Amelia and the four of them becoming a new team. It was believed that Aaron, Noah and Olivia all were orphans who's parent's were taken by the consortium, but this was revealed to be false by Olivia who seemingly manipulated the memories of her false comrades in order to get closer to her goal.


Aaron seems to have a dull and direct personality. He almost always speaks in a monotonous tone that sets the mood of others around him, more or less scare them unless they're used to it. He has a relatively small sense of humor seeing as when he joked at Amelia & Noah's attempt at a kiss.

Hybrid Abilities:

Nothing is known about Aaron's hybrid abilities as of the moment.

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